The Macaroni & Cheese War

We LOVE Macaroni & Cheese in our family, my kids would have it breakfast lunch and dinner if they could and I used to feed my 2 oldest Kraft Macaroni and Cheese from time to time. We haven’t had it since going Whole Foods/Clean Eating 3 years ago so my 15 month old has never had it but Kraft is coming under some major gunfire with the chemicals they use to make “Americas Dinner”.

To give you a brief lesson in Ingredient Listing, In the UK it is ILLEGAL to not list any ingredient in a food. GMO’s HAVE to be labeled if it is found in a product.  Below is a picture of the story the NY times posted about the WARNING LABEL placed on Kraft Macaroni & CheeseNYTimes collageIn case you can’t see it well it has two warning labels.

1.This product may have adverse effects and activity and attention in Children.That is because Kraft products have Yellow #5 and #6 in them which has been scientifically linked  attention disorders and hyper-activity in children. Yellow #5 and 6 is also petroleum based, you know that ingredient you find it in gas, asphalt and tar.. Mmmm someone dish me up some of that :/

2 GMO Declaration: This product is made from Genetically Modified Wheat. GMO Wheat is illegal in the US but UK’s Kraft is still made in the US..interesting.

My additional thoughts:

Having these food dyes in our food offers NO benefit to our kids or ourselves so why have it? In the UK they use Paprika instead of Yellow Dyes and you can’t tell a difference. So why do we need it here in America? It’s time to demand changes in the chemicals in our food! There is a campaign to get Kraft to take out Yellow 5 & 6 from there foods. You can find a whole lot of information at Food Babe  
She is at the forefront of this battle to get the changes and has a lot of resources.

Some alternatives: No one likes fast, easy and convenience more then Americans and as busy moms it is SO nice to just have lunch or dinner come in a box sometimes and none of us want to deprive ourselves from yummy mac and cheese!! My go to brand for boxed mac and cheese is Annie’s there is nothing artificial  and it tastes delicious! They also sell it CHEAPER then Kraft mac and cheese at Wal-mart in case you want to know, but it is most definitely worth the extra money to fill your child’s body with foods that are benefiting them!!


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