Ask Meghan: Eating out on a Whole Foods Diet

I recently received this email from a friend.


I was wondering what you do when you are out and about with the kids and they get hungry? What do you do as far as snacks, meals etc go when you don’t have time to run home? I don’t want to feed my kids fast food but sometimes I don’t have an option. What do you do?

This took A LOT of trial and error and I am not perfect at this but I do have some tips that may help you for those spur of the moments “I’m hungry, mom” moments.

1. Plan ahead. I try to always have a thermal bag with me in the car with snacks and drinks for the kids and me if we are out and one of them gets hungry. I meal plan a week ahead and one of the things I plan out is snacks for the week. I don’t have kids in school yet so I don’t pack lunches every night but I do pack snacks for the next day, it takes 5 minutes and it is worth it and it helps curb those hungry moments.

2. Where are you going? If I know we will be out most of the day and eating out is a huge possibility I try to pinpoint the area of town we will be in and where some good meal places are we can go. for example, last week we went to a new butterfly exhibit in town and I knew we would be there over lunch and I saw they had a cafe in the museum so I called ahead to find out what they serve and if they allow you to bring in your own lunch if what they have isn’t something you would like your family to have.  A little preparation goes a long way!

3. Know your fast food. Look, it’s bound to happen even with the best of intentions that you may have to go through a drive thru I am not about to say 100% it shouldn’t happen. But you can make informed choices. We only have 3 fast food places we will go to Chickfila, In-N-Out and Chipotle. We get salads or grilled chicken at Chickfila, Burger wrapped in lettice at IN-N-Out  and Chipotle is our “get whatever you want” since it is a very healthy choice.

So what’s in my thermal bag?? These are the items that are in my bag 90% of the time.

  •  Envirokids organic granola bars. They are GMO free, Organic and Gluten Free
  • Trader Joe’s Lollipops- Organic, No artificial dyes
  • Trader Joe’s Fruit Roll Ups- Organic, no dyes
  • Water
  • Fruit of some sort
  • Honest Kids Juice Boxes- Organic


It is possible to eliminate eating fast food on a whim it just takes planning and preparation but it is totally worth going the extra mile to know you are giving your child healthy, nutritious food!! If you have a question you would like me to answer leave a comment and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.

What are some healthy snacks you feed your kids?


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