DIY Honey Shampoo

Easy Peasy Honey Hair Care

This year my New Years Resolution was to make my entire house toxic free to the best of my ability. 6 months into the year I am 50-60% there. Part of that includes body care. I did try the “no-poo” regimen but I didn’t like it, I tried a coconut milk one for a few months and I do like it but my hubby thinks the coconut can be a bit overpowering so I started making this Honey Shampoo and I LOVE it!


Why Honey?

I have “normal” type hair but I really wanted something that will be able to pull out the toxins I have been sticking in my hair everyday for years and years. I had been so concerned with what I put in my body for years that I never gave a second thought to what I put ON my body. It takes 20 seconds for a product to get into your bloodstream, 20 seconds!! 20 seconds for all those nasty chemicals to start doing nasty things.

  • Raw Honey balances out the PH level in your scalp since Honey is slightly acidic it helps put some balance back into your hairline. a normal scalp has a PH level of 4-7 Honey is at a 4. I have no idea what my PH level was before I started making my own shampoo I wish I knew.
  • Honey won’t strip your scalp of the protective oils it already has. as a result your hair will become less oily over time
  • Honey makes your hair less frizzy and softer
  • Honey washing is fast and so easy!!

The Dealy-O with making your own Shampoo

  • Use only RAW honey ( I am going to do a post on the differences in honey soon) Regular honey is processed with to much heat and they had High Fructose Corn Syrup.
  • Here is the ratio:  1/4 cup raw honey to 3/4-1 cup filtered water, you can heat the honey over very very very low heat to help dissolve it into water.
  • Add Essential Oils if you want to! I LOVE my EO’s so I add it to just about everything a few oils that will add extra boost and protection to your hair are Lavender and Rosemary
  • Wet your hair then massage a couple tablespoons into your hair make sure you massage into the scalp you don’t need much on the ends of your hair and no need to follow with conditioner.

 Storing Your Shampoo

I have found it stores well in room temperature, you can use a old shampoo bottle but I strongly recommend using glass especially if you are adding essential oils into your shampoo because the acidity in a lot of the oils will pull out the toxins from the plastic, which defeats the purpose of going toxin free! I use my old vinegar glass bottles and use the pump from a old shampoo bottle it fits perfect!

The Middle School Period aka:Transition Time

You remember the awkward middle school years or transitioning from childhood to teenager? Your hair will go through that stage for a week or 2. When you switch from any kind of foamy shampoo (which dries and strips your hair )to washing with honey) it could be a bit oily and limp after the first couple of washes, so you may want to start with washing your hair everyday, then you can start going every other day, every 2 days etc. You only need to wash your hair every 3-4 days with this shampoo which is great because that’s about how often I normally get to wash my hair being a busy busy mama!

Have you tried Natural Shampoo? What do you do?

or if you have never tried it will you give it a shot?

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