Homemade Deodorant! Just keeping life real folks ;)

Here is the recipe for homemade deodorant.I actually amde a video before this but I accidentally deleted it so I had to start over so I made 2 batches which worked out well since my jar needed 3 batches to fill up.
It’s fast easy and works GREAT!! Plus you get a bonus of live entertainment from my children 🙂 Sorry about the chaos in the background, life with 3 kids not much more I can say about that 🙂

*5 tablespoons or 4 oz (organic virgin) coconut oil: a great natural antibacterial
* 4 tablespoons baking soda: neutralizes pH and body odor
*3 tablespoons arrowroot or organic cornstarch: absorbs perspiration
*2 tablespoons bentonite clay: adds extra wetness protection by whisking away sweat, and pulls toxins from skin
* 5 drops tea tree oil (optional but highly suggested): a potent antibacterial


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