Kashi Brand Exposed


One big misconception is that all natural and organic  products are healthy, nutritious and free of toxic chemicals, 90% of the time it is true but there is that 10% that mislabels and is sneaky to slap on a “natural” label to fool consumers. Kashi is in that 10%.

Kashi is owned by Kellog one of the largest, if not the largest cereal company in the world. A lot of people are unaware that Kashi is a part of Kellog since they have commercialized that they are a “small company”. New investigations into Kashi have delivered some startling news; they are riddled with GMO’s and toxic chemicals.

Deception with Kashi is large and they refuse to come out and say they are a GMO company you have to search long and hard to find an ingredient list and that they are owned by Kellogg. I myself have done investigations into Kashi and I had to email quite a few times to get a full ingredient list. At this point comapnies do not have to list a full ingredient list on products  which baffles me and leaves consumers confused, decieved and lied to.

So what is in Kashi???

Kashi Heart to Heart Blueberry Cereal was found to contain  organophosphate pesticides implicated as causes of neuropathy  in humans.

“Natural” Kashi Golean Honey almond Flax was found to  contain malathion in the wheat and chlorpyrifos and piperonyl butoxide in the  almonds both which are prohibited in organics due to their neurotoxicity and  hormone disrupting ability in mammals.

Other toxic ingredients in Kashi  cereals include GM canola oil, GM corn flour, GM corn meal, GM corn bran,  irradiated cinnamon and soy lecithin.

Golean Original Cereal contains GM soy grits and protein,  GM corn meal, GM corn flour and GM corn bran.

Golean Crisp! Cinnamon Crumble contains GM soy grits and  protein, GM canola oil, GM corn flour, irradiated cinnamon and soy lecithin.

Golean Crisp! Toasted Berry Crumble contains GM soy grits  and protein, GM canola oil, GM corn flour and soy lecithin.

All other Golean products contain similar toxins  in their ingredient lists.

Kashi sources all of their grains from farms in the US. They do import some  fruits from other countries, but the soy is primarily grown in the USA.  Corn-based ingredients are also locally derived. Since 95% of Soy and 80% of Corn is Genetically Modified you can  expect any non-organic product that contains either of these two ingredients to  be GM.


Read more at http://www.realfarmacy.com/exposing-kashi-cereal-for-the-poison-that-it-is/#Jzb0AYPJvV7sbut2.99




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