Fish Oil: Picking the Best

We recently got on the “Fish Oil Bandwagon” and I am pretty sure I annoyed the Vitamin lady at Sprouts with my 8 million questions about the differences. It’s pretty overwhelming to see 1,000,000 different oils on the shelf. I was so unaware of how many types there are “Norwegian Oil” “Alaskan Oil” it was seriously endless. So I started reading up on different brands to make sure I was giving the best to myself and my family.

The best way to get Omega 3’s is by eating wild caught fish and produce high in them but if you want to make sure you are getting the right amount in supplements you need to choose high quality to ensure you are getting the best!

Here are some things I have learned in my research on Cod Liver Oil

  • Fish Oils that are on the shelf are bad
  • Fish Oils in the fridge are GREAT!
  • Buy oil that is cold processed to prevent any undoing of anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Get a Cod Liver Oil  that is fermented because it makes the vitamins more bio-available for the body.
  • Do smell your oil and if it smells like a rotten fish it is not fresh. Instead, fish oil capsules should smell like the ocean
  • Don’t buy farmed fish that have unnatural amounts of contaminants and antibiotics in their food.  Farmed fish are fed gmo corn and soy.
  • Don’t buy a fish oil without a Certificate of Analysis, which screens for levels of contamination of PCB’s and heavy metals.

Which One is the best??

The cod liver oil from Green Pastures. It is cold pressed and from wild fish. This is more like a food so it does not have the exact measurements of DHA and EPA on the label. That is because there are so many compounds in food that work together and we do not understand them enough to separate out. That is why it is important to eat whole foods as much as possible. People taking CLO have reported less colds and illness and more energy!



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