A peek inside my pantry

Do you ever wonder what the inside of people’s pantry’s look like? is it just me? Maybe, but a lot of people when they come over like to see my pantry I don’t mind maybe it’s to see if I am as crunchy as I claim to be. So I thought it would be fun for you all to see what my pantry looks like. Β Here it is! Not super exciting. I don’t have a whole lot in it since we mostly stick to veggies and meat and things that go bad very quickly πŸ™‚

let me start from the top. My first shelf is where I keep all my bulk items that I get from the store. I have more behind the jars but these are what I use a lot. From the left we have Coconut Flour, I use this almost daily since we are a gluten free household I have to use different flours. Next is Chia seeds which I put in my smoothies everyday. Next is Pecans because I have a chocolate addiction so i curb it by eating pecans. It works!! Next is Almond Flour and lastly Quinoa.

The next shelf is my modge podge shelf I keep dressings, olive oil, cooking vinegars and wines and such on this shelf and also soups and some canned goods.

The 3rd shelf is where most of my canned goods go. All my beans, different varieties of tomatoes, spaghetti sauce and a random box of lucy’s gf cookies.

Next up is my flour shelf. All of this is gluten free which includes pancake mix, cookie mix, flour, granola, coconut sugar and some oregon chai mix that’s hanging out.

Next up is a continuation of my gf items that is pastas, mac & cheese, breadcrumbs, oatmeal and chips.

The last shelf is my big bulk stuff like organic rice, and my big boxes of organic tomatoes from costco.

So here is my pantry..nothing exquisite but I am certainly proud of it because it has taken a lot of time to get it where it’s at.

It’s getting near impossible to keep any sort of gluten item in the house because Piper will find it and eat it, we started our gluten free journey because of her intolerance. In the last few months it’s gone from an intolerance and being able to have some here and there to even a dusting of flour and she is getting sick.

The paint around the pantry door may look funny, it’s because I am in the middle of painting it from yellow to beige!



2 thoughts on “A peek inside my pantry

  1. I like seeing other people’s pantries too πŸ™‚ Mine is 2 cabinets instead of a pantry. It’s good we are Paleo because I don’t have room for anything else! I’ve wanted to post pics of mine even though it’s tiny.

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