Still alive!

Wow, It’s been a hecka long time since I posted, I have thought about blogging for months but life has been well, crazy. We moved 3 hours away from where we were, my hubby got a new job that brings him home every evening, no more traveling! I packed up our entire house and moved myself our 3 kids and dog to our new location and home. It’s been a WHIRLWIND 7 weeks but it has finally settled down.


I am still up to my “crunchy ways”  We are getting used to not being near anything. We moved outside of a city so it takes about a hour to get to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Sprouts. We have a Fry’s which is a beautiful grocery store and it does have a “natural” section but it is way more spendy because they know it’s your only option so whenever we are in town we hit up our organic stores. That;s  been our biggest challenge of not compromising and having to go the extra mile..literally to feed our family.

Now that I have my husband home on a daily basis I will finally be able to get back into the groove of writing again. SO don’t go anywhere!


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