The Part Time Organic

A while ago I started talking about how to eat organic on a budget. Now I am going to tell you some of the items you NEED to go organic on. If you can’t afford to eat a full non-gmo organic lifestyle then here are some of my recommendations for being a part time organic eater.

1. Apples- Apples topped the list again for the fruit and vegetable MOST contaminated with pesticides. Have you ever noticed how shiny and beautiful apples at the grocery store are? They don’t get picked off the tree looking like that. The apples you buy have a chemical shiny film over them and can be frozen up to a year before put on the shelf. More than 40 different pesticides have been detected on apples YUCK. Buy these organic!

2. Strawberries – 60 different pesticides can be used on strawberries!

3. Spinach- 50 different pesticides are used on Spinach, you here often about E. Coli being found on spinach so go organic and still wash REALLY well before use.

4. Zucchini- Zucchini believe it or not is a top GMO product in this country. You need to know that more times than not these are genetically modified.

5. Milk- Milk is a big concern for me because it’s a dietary staple for children. Have you ever seen a lowfat or 2% cow? Yeah, me neither. Research the process of how it’s made and you will rethink ever buying it again. There is really no nutrition in regular milk. Going as close to raw as possible has the most nutritional gain. 12 different pesticides have been found in milk.

6. Celery- It’s wide open for all air-borne stuff so buy it organic! I recommend anything without a thick peel that you don’t eat be bought organic.

7. Eggs- You want happy eggs from happy chickens. Get PASTURE raised non-gmo fed chicken eggs, you will not only see the difference but taste it as well.

8. Canned Tomatoes in a BPA free can- This is a BIG one for me because BPA is a HUGE toxin and tomatoes being acidic draw out the poison into the tomatoes. Muir Glen is a organic canned tomato company that sells their products in a BPA free can!

Those are a few of my recommendations. I had to cut it short because I could list everything. I know it’s not possible for a lot of people but even the smallest change can reap the biggest rewards. Do your research talk it over with whoever you do the finances with and talk about what is important to you. If you aren’t a huge milk drinker then put the money elsewhere but if you go through milk gallons quick it might be beneficial to make the switch.



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