Ask Meghan: How to Navigate Eating at Other People’s Houses

I recently asked on my facebook page for people to send me questions they had or topics they wanted me to address. I got a lot of people wanting to know what to do if they go to someone’s house and they don’t eat a whole food diet. That’s a great question and it can be tricky so I will do my best to explain what we do.

When we get invited to someone’s house that maybe we don’t know very well a lot of times they will ask if we are allergic to anything, I think everyone should always ask that question when having someone over. Since Piper has a wheat allergy we always say that she is allergic but I also say that we can bring her dinner or bring noodles to make there for her to have, I have never had people get offended by that because I always say that I can bring her food in case she can’t have what they were wanting to make. We don’t tell people we only eat Paleo or Organic  to us we feel blessed that someone would want us over so we graciously eat whatever they give us. It’s important to not be rude or prudish because I think it’s a turn off especially when you are trying to build a friendship. Unless you have a allergy or a serious intolerance I think it’s best to eat what is put in front of you. If you go out to eat at a restaurant then I say eat whatever you want because it’s in your control you get to choose what to have in that setting.

That’s my advice on that. If you have a question please comment and I will try to address it!



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