She’s back.

It’s been almost a year since I have blogged. I unintentionally took 11 months off and WOW has  a lot happened in 11 months! I started out 2014 ready to “conquer the world” and instead had the air sucked out of me for several months, I lost the drive and the passion to really care about a whole lot about the things I was passionate about and right when I straightened myself up we found out that my husband was getting laid off. Awesome right? Several months of waiting and uncertainty are enough to make this recovering control freak totally unbonkers. God answered our prayers though and my husband took a position in Washington State so we packed up our stuff and made the 3 day drive to Washington from Arizona. Basically 2014 was the year of goodbyes and hello’s in SO many different ways.

I like to give myself a word for the beginning of each year something to make me grow and stretch. Last year my word was “Uniquely You” yeah, that was put to the test ya’ll. When you decide to be who God made you to be people have an opinion about it but if you are right with God and aligned with him it’s just opinions of man.

God made each of us DIFFERENT! Just because you do something differently doesn’t make it wrong it just means you GASP have a different opinion and IT’S OKAY. You choose to vaccinate IT’S OKAY, I choose not to IT’S OKAY. I choose to provide my kids trail mix and you provide them goldfish IT’S OKAY!!!


This year my word is “Thrive” I want to thrive in life, thrive in being a follower of Christ, a wife, mother and friend. I want not only my home to be a place for everyone to be welcome but also this blog which I have made a commitment to at least blog once a week. I have missed t, I want my home and life to be a safe place.

So what is your word for the year?

Now onto light and happy things!


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