The Freedom to Feed

I loved reading this article about the Pope giving permission to mothers to breastfeed their children inside the Sistine Chapel. I always get super excited when people in the public eye are standing up for feeding our children and normalizing breast feeding. We need more and more people doing this.

I have entered a new phase in breastfeeding, my son will be 3 years old in March and I am still nursing him. In the last 6 months I have felt this shift from praises to “ohhh myyy” I tell people I am still nursing and half hold my breath for the response I am about to get. I never planned to still be nursing at this point. I thought 2 was a great time to stop but that didn’t happen now he is almost 3 and my plan is to have him weaned by his birthday. I am a big supporter of child-led weaning but I want my boobs back people. I have had a child hooked to them almost continuously (with only a 8 week break) since 2010. I see the benefits in Hudson tremendously though. He has only ever been sick once, his dexterity and cognitive abilities are remarkable for his age but I am ready to close this chapter. Ohh how I have loved being able to nurse my children and without any complications, I have been truly blessed in this way but you get to a point where you are just ready. I don’t have any weaning tips for toddlers yet. Maybe I will learn some tricks along the way but I am so welcome to any advice you may have for a toddler who has NO want to stop nursing any time soon.

We need to start creating an atmosphere for moms where they feel proud and confident in nursing and have the freedom to do so wherever they can. I think it’s optional to cover up, I always did but I have no problem seeing a mom who doesn’t. Put yourself in her shoes do you really want to grab all your gear and baby and go sit on a toilet in a little box for 30 minutes while you nurse? NO and mama’s shouldn’t. SO whip it out mom’s, feed your baby wherever you are most comfortable doing so!


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