DIY Hair Detangler

My oldest daughter was blessed with her mama’s dark curly THICK hair. She is also the most tender-headed child I know, I really feel like it is a result of her having a heart rate monitor screwed into her head when I was in labor with her but that is a whole other topic,  Brushing her hair has been a struggle and a battle since forever we tried special brushes and I bought countless bottles of detangler over the years which sort of helped but I didn’t really like spraying all those chemicals into her beautiful brown hair so I started some research and found out very quickly that making it was actually VERY EASY and I had all the products on hand YIPPEE!

Even though having her brushed is still one of her least favorite things in the world this detangler is AWESOME it doesn’t leave hair weighed down or oily but nice and shiny!


DIY Hair Detangler

12 ounce Spray Bottle

1.5 cups water

3 Tablespoons Conditioner of your choice

5 drops Essential Oil of your choice (totally optional)

Add all ingredients into spray bottle and shake well!!


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