To my Daughter on her 6th Birthday

Dear Olivia,

Today you are six years old. Where did the time go? I know I say this every single year but this year in particular seems to show how much you have grown up. Long gone are the days when you were a baby and needed me for everything, gone are the toddler days where you were discovering the newness of life of exploring the world around you where everything was bright and new now you are a girl, one who is SO full of life, imagination and creativity. I love who God is shaping you to be you are so full of ideas and thoughts. You see what the world may view as nothing and see what it COULD be, ohh how I pray you never lose that. You see beauty in everything, you have not been tainted by the world and I hope that stays for a long time.


You have big brown eyes,thick brown hair which right now you view as a curse because you do not like taking care of it but I know that will change. You are  gaining more independence every single day but I love that you still need me for reassurance,  love, snuggles and to feel safe. I want to always be that safe place for you.  This year has been challenging for you since we moved to a whole new state far away from the world you have known and away from family and friends who have never been gone from you, it was a rough few months as you adjusted to a new state, town, house and people and I stayed up many nights worried about you but now you are flourishing and opening up again to love and acceptance.


My hope and prayer for you this year is that you will continue to grow in your creativity and that we can find ways for you to live out the passions you have in life. To love and serve others and fall more and more in love with Jesus. Hearing you sing “Jesus Loves Me” at the top of your lungs in your room while you lay on the floor coloring makes this mama’s heart soar. There is nothing in life I want more than to see you serve Jesus and live out what he created you to be. Just how you love to create and shape clay into beautiful pieces of art so Jesus is doing the same to you let him work in your life, let him shape you.


Olivia, you made me a mommy. You are my greatest achievement in life. There is nothing I am more proud of then you being my daughter. Thank you for letting this mama love you



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