Tuesday Roundup

I see so many articles circulating around the internet each week that are so fascinating to me, to many to share so I thought I would dedicate one day a week to sharing my top 5 favorite articles about healthy living to share with you all. Please feel free to comment and share any that you find interesting, I would love to see them and I’m sure others would too!!

1. 7 Potent Healing Plants Worth Planting–  Not to long ago we relied on plants to cure common ailments and even diseases. Here are 7 plants that are known for their medicinal healings you can plant and use NOW.

2. 5 Tips to Calm Cravings– Kris Carr shares how to calm those junk food cravings and what causes them.

3. Why you should NEVER eat Tilapia– Healthy Holistic Living talks about why Tilapia is one of the most farmed products out there and fed with GMO’s plus all the health risks it has.

4. 3 VILE Myths Food Companies are shoving down our throats. GROSS. Don’t buy into the lies.

5. From the Drive-Thru to the Pasture- Millenials are changing the way we eat.

Find some articles and comment with them! Share your interests or what you think people need to know about any sort of natural living!



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