Succeeding at Resolutions

We are 9 days into the New Year, how many are still conquering your resolutions? After 2 weeks 60% of people have given up on their goals for the year. I think they quit because they have set the bar to high. I have been guilty of this in years past. If you have been a smoker for 10 years and then decide on January 1st to never smoke again more then likely you will not keep your goal. January 1st is not some magical day that takes away all our cravings and habits.  How can you succeed? Here are some ways that might help.

  1. Make it reachable.  Instead of saying ” you want to quit smoking” it is more effective to set a measurable goal such as ” I would like to go from  3 cigarettes a day to 1″ Set a concrete goal and use baby steps with whatever your goal is and keep setting the bar a little higher and higher.
  2. Commit. Write down your goal somewhere where you can visually see your goals. Some might call it a dream board. You could even just have a post it note on the bathroom mirror as a reminder.
  3. Have Accountability. Tell your friends and family what your goals are for the year even if it’s to fold and put away all the laundry every day. Having someone check in on you or just knowing you told someone really does help. You many even find they have some of the same goals as you and then you can keep each other in check!
  4. Prepare. Don’t expect to keep yourself from quitting if you don’t prepare. If it’s eating healthy make a menu and prep for it. Preparation is key. I start gearing up for my goals in December just so I know that by January I am ready to go! One of my goals is to be more relaxed, that sounds weird but I am really uptight with myself at times and carry around a ton of stress so I started yoga, I am taking supplements and doing things to curb the stress. Remove the temptations and triggers from your environment as much as you can.
  5. Plan a reward for yourself: Your reward doesn’t need to be clothing or other material goods, it can also be an experience such as going on a vacation or weekend get-away or even out to a special restaurant when you reach your goal.Since some end goals might take a long time to reach, it probably also makes sense to reward yourself with small treats along the way for each week of your success.
  6. Believe in your ability: Have confidence in yourself and be proud of each accomplishment along the way toward your goal. Thank yourself  you are doing a great job!

    10. If you mess-up, forgive yourself and recommit: Despite all your best efforts  you might occasionally mess up. We’re all human, and it happens to all of us. Recommit and remind yourself of why you are doing what you’re doing and start again!

    Now’s the best time to get started, so let’s do this!

    My Goals:  I always give myself a word for the year something to strive for this year it’s 2 Release & Recieve. I want to release my stress and my crazy expectations placed on myself by myself and be better at receiving blessings from others.  I also am taking a year off from commitments. God showed me in December that I was doing way to much and it was burning me out. I am finishing up my prior commitments and then until God tells me otherwise I am no longer taking on any leadership roles. I am just being wife, mom, friend, daughter and sister. The thought is already relaxing to me



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