meHi, I’m Meghan the granola mom! I wasn’t always  a natural living enthusiast. I actually made fun of people like me, all the time. It wasn’t until spring 2009 when I was a new mom holding my baby girl watching Oprah on the couch that my crunchy journey began. This episode of Oprah was highlighting the then new documentary “Food Inc” maybe it was because I had someone else’s well being I was responsible for or all my pregnancy hormones tanking but a light bulb turned on. I rented the documentary and we watched it. After further research we started to slowly change our lifestyle. Forward to 4 years later we now eat a 100% full Whole Foods/Gluten Free Lifestyle plus we are almost fully making our own household supplies. We have come far from where we are and we still have so much to learn! I  hope this blog can be educational, supportive and a way for you to start your own journey or you can be like my old self and just read it and say “What a Crunchy Granola Mom” and think I am a freak and move on. That’s okay too 🙂


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